Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Portrait: George Warner Miltenberger

Of all of the portraits we have in our collection, this is the one I like the most, so I am going to start our Portrait series with him. He looks like such a kind man, ready to write you a Rx to ease your slightest woe!Miltenberger George

George Warner Miltenberger

George Warner Miltenberger was born in Baltimore on March 17 1819. His father, Gen. Anthony F.W. Miltenberger, won his title and distinction by meritorious services during the War of 1812.

Dr. Miltenberger attended Boisseau Academy under the tutelage of Dr. Stephen Roszell and was one of the brightest pupils having for a number of successive years carried off the scholarship prizes of his class. He attended the University of Virginia during the season of 1835-36 and began his medical studies in Baltimore, which he continued until 1840, postponing his graduation one year to continue his studies.

He was immediately appointed demonstrator of anatomy by the faculty at the University of Maryland’s Medical School, and as he took a special personal interest his classes, they soon became the largest and best attended in the college. When his private practice became too large to allow him to attend to his classes during the day, rather than discontinue them, sessions were held at night.

During these years Dr. Miltenberger was an indefatigable worker and as fast as vacancies occurred he was promoted to higher positions on the staff of the college, filling at times two chairs simultaneously.

From 1840 to 1852 he was demonstrator of Anatomy and lecturer on the same from 1840 to 1847 lecturer on Pathological Anatomy, from 1847 to 1849 Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics from I852 to 1858 ,and after that date until his resignation, Professor of Obstetrics.

He was Vice President of the Medical & Chirurgical Faculty from 1855 to 1856 and President from 1886 to 1887.


There are several articles about Dr. Miltenberger in books about Baltimore in the 1800’s. You can access them here and here. Here’s the illustration of Dr. Miltenberger in one of the articles. Milterberger

I like the portrait much better! imageThe image above is from the University of Maryland’s Medical School’s Dean’s Book, which you can download as a PDF here.

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