The Thomas E. Hunt, Jr., M.D. History of Maryland Medicine Lectureship was established in 2008 to honor Dr. Thomas E. Hunt, Jr.  Dr. Hunt was a retired orthopedic surgeon who practiced in Baltimore. 

Dr. Hunt graduated from the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, and completed his residency at Johns Hopkins. He was past president of the Baltimore City Medical Society, the Maryland Orthopedic Association and the Medical Alumni Association of the University of Maryland.

Dr. Hunt had a keen interest in Maryland medical history and served as the informal MedChi historian. He was recognized for his longtime contribution to the care of the needy.

Dr. Hunt died on December 24, 2017 after a brief illness. His legacy at MedChi will live on through this lecture series. The Hunt History of Medicine Lecture honors those who have made a significant contribution to medicine.  

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2019 – Sir William Osler, MD: Yesterday & Today
2018  Madness in Maryland, Mental Illness through the Ages
2017 – The Importance of Archives 
2016 – Tales from the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
2015 – A Servant to His Brethren 
2104 – The Forgotten Man Behind the National Anthem 
2013 – The History of the FDA 
2012 – PTDS and Other Trauma-Related Disorders 
2011 – Better Nutrition: The Maryland Connection Myths & Legends 
2010 – The Beat Goes On: 50 Years of CPR 
2009 – Centennial Celebration

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