We have a collection of about 110 paintings here at MedChi. And I am using the word “about” because I am not actually exactly sure how many paintings we have. The number seems to fluctuate a bit.

Some bright thing took all of the plaques and plates off of a number of our pictures, so I spent essentially a year and a half working to figure out which painting was which. I have a huge spreadsheet where I keep track of the paintings, where they are located, and who the artist is. There are multiple colors and notations that help me track the portraits. 

I referred to a catalogue of acquisitions that was created in 1961, in which numbers were assigned to all of the paintings, and also to the 2002 Sotheby’s appraisal of our collection. Regrettably, neither of these documents has images of the portraits.

Because we frequently are asked about the portraits, we have added this section to the blog. Simply click on the name, and you will be taken to a new page with an image of the painting and a brief description of it. Where a name is listed twice, we have two portraits of the person.

Ashton Alexander (1772-1855)
John Archer (1741-1810)
Abram B. Arnold (1820-1904)
Samuel Baker (1785-1835)
Lewellys F. Barker (1867-1943)
Henry M. Baxley (1868-1950)
J. Brown Baxley (1814-1896)
John D. Blake (1853-1920)
Philip Briscoe (1855-1927)
John D. Buckler (1795-1866)
Edward J. Chaisty (1813-1882)
Clement Clark (1858-1929)
Jesse C. Coggins (1874-1963)
Eugene F. Cordell (1843-1913)
John Crawford (1746-1813)
Christian Deetjen (1863-1940)
Francis Donaldson (1823-1891)
John R.W. Dunbar (1805-1871)
Samuel T. Earle (1849-1906)
Charles Manly Ellis (1838-1911)
Charles Frick (1823-1860)
Aaron Friedenwald (1836-1902)
Harry Friedenwald (1879-1966)
Daniel Coit Gilman (1831-1908)
Albert E. Goldstein (1887-1966)
Nathan Ryno Gorter (1860-1918)
Richard Wilmot Hall (1785-1847)
William T. Hammond (1886-1959)
Edward Harris (No dates)
Jacob Henry Hartman (1847-1916)
Horace H. Hayden (1769-1844)
Arthur P. Herring (1875-1928)
Henry Mills Hurd (1843-1927)
James Henry Jarrett (1832-1922)
Nathaniel G. Keirle (1833-1919)
J. H. Mason Knox (1872-1951)
Louis Krause (1896-1975)
G. Milton Linthicum (1870-1935)
William F. Lockwood (1852-1928)
Crawford Long (1815-1878)
John K. McCulloh (1839-1889)
Alexius McGlannan (1872-1940)
Richard McSherry (1817-1885)
John Francis Monmonier (1813-1894)
John Morris (1824-1903)
Emil Novak (1883-1957)
William Osler (1849-1919)
Robert H. Riley 
Miss Roberts (1850)
George C. M. Roberts (Mrs.) 
Monmonier Rowe (1860-1911)
James. M.H. Rowland (1867-1954)
John Ruhräh (1872-1935)
John Ruhräh (1872-1935)
Upton Scott (1722-1814)
Charles Sloan (1798-1821)
John P. Smith (1822-1884)
Nathan Ryno Smith (1797-1877)
William H. Stokes (1812-1893)
Philip Thomas (1747-1815)
Tristram Thomas (1769-1847)
Christopher Todd (1763-1849)
Charles F. Wiesenthal (1726-1789)
Randolph Winslow (1852-1937)
Hiram Woods (1857-1931)


  1. I have a very old portraiture of Richard Gundry M.D. signed by artist Emilie(Emily) Hergenroeder in a very old framed 24"x 36" I live in Fargo,N.D. can anyone help me find its home? Thank you

  2. Here is some information about Dr. Gundry. http://medchiarchives.blogspot.com/2015/10/gundry-glass-hospital.html