Friday, March 7, 2014

1211 in 1909

In 1909, MedChi purpose-built a headquarters building, which we still use today. It was modeled on other medical society buildings from New York and Boston. It was designed by Ellicott & Emmart, IMGa Philadelphia firm who designed other well-known buildings in Baltimore, including this house in Guilford, imageand St. David’s Church in Roland Park.image

Upon the opening of the building, there was a large ceremony with many notables from Baltimore, including Cardinal Keogh. Several pictures were taken, which still survive. IMG_0001

Luckily, there’s a close-up of the people in front of the building. IMG_0003

So, I took the two and merged them, with the close-up overlaid on the other image. 1909 photo

I am pretty happy with the result!

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