Thursday, April 3, 2014


I am sorting through all most some of our archives, scanning images at super high resolution and came across this great sketch of our 1211 building.MedChi sketchI love how the French doors on the second floor reading room are thrown open to the breezes. Also the great conifers in pots on the front steps. If you look carefully, you can see the artist sketched the different styles of brickwork – Flemish diagonal on the ground floor, and the vertical Monk’s bond on the second floor.

One of the interesting things about this building is that the front is on an angle. Cathedral Street, on which we front, is angled and thus, the building had to be built to conform to the street front. Building Blueprint

When you’re in any of the front rooms, you don’t see that the room is angled, but when you look back into the building, you see that the hallways are set at an angle to the front.

Speaking of Cathedral Street, it’s a bit confusing around us. Our parking lot entrance is on Maryland Avenue, but our physical and mailing address is Cathedral Street. The issue is that Maryland Avenue turns into Cathedral Street about a block south of our buildings. Cathedral Street

You can see where Cathedral Street originally was a through street, but at some point, a small park was made, and so it no longer goes through, northbound, to Mount Royal Avenue. It can really confuse people.

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