Monday, June 9, 2014

War of 1812 Physician: Jacob Shellman Baer

Jacob Shellman Baer was born on May 22, 1783 in Frederick County, Maryland, a son of Henry Baer. He attended the University of Pennsylvania where he received his medical degree in 1808. He became a surgeon’s mate to the 16th Regiment of Western Maryland Troops at the Battle of North Point in September of 1814.

Dr. Baer was a vice president of the Medical & Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland from 1848 to 1851. He became our President from 1855 to 1856. imageFor more than 57 years, Dr. Baer practiced medicine in the city of Frederick and the town of Middletown, both in Frederick County. Dr. Baer died in Frederick County on April 10, 1866 and is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery there.

Jacob Shellman Baer’s brother, Michael Shellman Baer, was also a physician and a President of MedChi in the 1850’s.

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