Friday, October 10, 2014

Getting Booked

One of the things that’s always bothered me is the empty bookcases in the Krause Room. When we de-accessioned our book collection a few years ago, the cases were left bare. image21

I measured and there were 176 linear feet of shelving that needed to be filled. Not all of it would be filled with books, I wanted to add some artifacts and other items to create vignettes to help illustrate the story of MedChi.

I wandered up to the stacks and selected a range of books. 10-03 (3)Some were gorgeous old leather-bound tomes, others were foreign-language annuals, and still others were on specific topics.
10-03 (1) 10-03 (4)

All of the books had to be dusted and cleaned, using paintbrushes and soft cloths, before we could put them back on the shelves.

It is astonishing to see the beauty of these old books, and to contemplate the craftsmanship that went into making them. 10-03 (12)10-03 (10)10-03 (19)10-03 (11)10-03 (22)

I am a huge fan of marbling techniques and thought that the edges of these pages were particularly gorgeous, as were their covers. 10-6 (13)

And it’s always fascinating to see the different type-faces and fonts that were used…even on the same books!10-03 (15)10-03 (16)10-03 (17)10-03 (18)

Once I finished dusting and cleaning, I started shelving the books.10-03 (2)

And shelving… 10-03 (6)10-03 (26)10-03 (27)10-03 (28)

There’s still a bit to finish up. I am waiting for stands for some of the framed pieces, and some more artifacts from donors.

The Krause Room is really starting to shape up and we should be finished shortly!10-6 (2)

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  1. Hello Meg, The Kraus Room is looking wonderful, thanks to your hard work and initiative. Are those books still actively used (that is cataloged and requestable), or at this point mostly decorative/artifactual?