Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hair, There and Everywhere

As I show people our art collection, I am always fascinated by the changing hair styles, both facial and otherwise. There are some serious chops in our collection and one of the visiting curators told me that you can date paintings pretty closely by looking at the hair… and the cravat!

Here are some of the extreme examples.

Abraham Arnold, M.D. (who looks down at me every day!)Arnold Abram

John Blake, M.D.

J. Brown Baxley, M.D.

Thomas Hepburn Buckler, M.D.

Samuel Stringer Coale, M.D. (I just want to say, Bless his heart!)Coale 5-10 025

Alexander Franklin Dulin, M.D.Dulin

Daniel Coit Gilmangilman 5-10 031

Horatio Gates Jamison, M.D.

Nathan Ryno Smith, M.D. (It’s the eyebrows)

William Stokes, M.D.STOKES

Philip Thomas (To be fair, this wasn’t painted from life)Thomas Philip

Henry Parke Custus WilsonWilson

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our tonsorial travels through time!

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