Thursday, January 7, 2016

Me in Medicine: A Joint Project of MedChi and the Jewish Museum of Maryland

The Jewish Museum of Maryland is depicting the contemporary and diverse image of medicine in the upcoming exhibit Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews and Medicine in America. The Jewish Museum of Maryland is collecting digital photographs from physicians and other healthcare professionals for a presentation that will be displayed in the concluding section of the exhibition.  

Pictures can be professional or completely informal. So, take a selfie in your office or another medical setting... Or send us your graduation picture... Or get your staff together for a group shot...Baltimore Medical Soc Docs2

You don't have to be Jewish to participate.

Photos must be received by Friday, February 12 to be included in the exhibit. Photos received after that date may be featured on the exhibit̢۪s website or on the Museum's Facebook page.

Please send the photo in a JPG format, which should be equivalent to large or medium size on your cell phone. Please include your name and profession or specialty, which will be included in a caption on your photo. Send photos to

For more information about the exhibition or the Jewish Museum of Maryland, please email Karen Falk, Curator, at

MedChi and the History of Maryland Medicine are pleased to be supporting this exhibition, and will be loaning the Jewish Museum of Maryland some of our archival material.

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