Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Medical Annals of Maryland

I frequently use The Medical Annals of Maryland in my research, mostly the digital version which is linked here. It’s so much easier to digitally search for a name or date. Actually, it’s nearly impossible to search for a date in the book, although names are in the index.

However, sometimes it’s just simpler to flip from page to page when working on a project, like my current one of listing every President of MedChi, along with a two- or three-sentence biography.*

So, it amazes me that I still have to cut pages of my copy of the Annals, which was published in 1904, and is obviously very well used.image

Luckily, I keep a knife on my desk, just for that job!

*Look for this on the Center’s website within a few weeks. I will let you know when it’s been published.

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  1. Hello Meg, Here's a tip--use the edge of an index card to open the pages, which is less likely to wander or cut irregularly than a knife edge.

    Often when I find an old book with uncut pages, I think it a shame to have to alter the book to make it readable. I have even bought a second copy to keep intact the pristine condition of the original.