Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our Mr. Caution

In a lot of the literature written about Marcia, she refers to the first person whom she hired at the new building, sort as a jack of all trades, and most importantly, as the person who would help her maintain the brand new space. She talks about hiring him mostly because she loved his name: Mr. Caution. Specifically, Mr. Gustave Orwell Caution. image

At some point, Marcia’s man Friday must been succeeded by one of his children or nephews, because in the 1960’s, there’s a mention of another Mr. Caution, this time Mr. Walter S. Caution, who was the custodian of the Faculty’s building.

But the article I found doesn’t really talk about his work at the Faculty, but rather, his well-dressed dogs!
IMG_0005 IMG_0006

The photo of Mr. Caution and his dogs is clearly taken on the steps of the original (and at that time, only) Faculty building. It is such a sweet story, and clearly this man loved his dogs.

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